The Hating Game

book-covAuthor: Sally Thorne
Genre: Romance
The book chronicles a rivalry turned romance between executive assistants and mortal enemies Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman. Up for a promotion they bet that whoever loses must resign. Somewhere along the line the thin line between love and hate for Lucy, snaps.

I wanted to love this book. Believe me, I did. The reviews for this book were out of this world! The Hating Game is probably a strong contender for Best Romance of 2016. I don’t read a lot of romance but when I do, I love to throw some cheese on it, lactose intolerant as I am. But I couldn’t finish this book. Not because of the writing or the plot, but because I hated the main characters. I kind of wanted them both to fail.

Lucy was a character who was probably supposed to be quirky, misunderstood and cute. She was, to a point. When she interacted with Joshua I found her to be obnoxious and rude and just as bad as Joshua. Who I also am not a fan of. When I follow the main character of any book one of two things has to happen. I either like the character so much that I want them to have a happy ending. Or two, the story surrounding the main character is written so well, that I have to keep reading, the main character be damned. The Hating Game had neither of these options. The story behind the book was cliche and Lucy didn’t endear herself to me enough for me to want to root for her against Joshua.

Joshua was…every single male cliche rolled into one. Stoic, handsome, arrogant, but you still want to sit on his face, yadda, yadda, yadda. He was about .3% less annoying than Lucy, but only because it wasn’t from his point of view.

I couldn’t keep following Lucy around and be bored with the story at the same time. So, I let this one go.


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