Workbob Schoolpants


Who lives in front of a laptop under a pile of books?

Workbob Schoolpants!! (me)

It’s been two weeks since my last review and I have two reasons (excuses).

  1. I was visiting my sister in Sweden for spring break and was having too much fun enjoying the low-cost living, candy, and urine free public transit to write down anything about the books I read.
  2.  I also didn’t do any work for school while I was there. The week I returned (last week) the final project of my senior year was due and I had to get that put together and submitted. The only review I have for you is about my bed, pillow, and sheets.

Things have calmed and in about a month I’ll be graduating. I have more time to read and am looking forward to picking up a book again. However, I’ll still have a review up for a previously read book.

Thanks for understanding!


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