The Shining Vs. The Shining



I never thought the day would come where I found myself saying the words: “The Shining isn’t a good movie”. It breaks my heart, it really does but after falling in complete love with the book, the movie just can’t compare.

I saw the movie before I read the book and I thought everything about it was great. The tension, music, acting, plot, all of it. I was a fan of all of it. If I didn’t have to compare the two, I would still be very much a fan of The Shining the movie. I thought the movie was so good, I had to pick up the book because a great movie had to be based on a great book.

I was wrong though. After finishing The Shining the book it dawned on me that The Shining the movie was a bad adaption of a great book. It was another example of “based on” versus “inspired by”. The movie was “inspired by” in the worst way.

The most important of The Shining was that the hotel was evil. It was the catalyst of the whole book. The longer Jack spent in the hotel, the easier it became for the hotel to take hold of him. It was literally the largest plot in the book, next to Danny’s gift. The movie, however, was pretty much about cabin fever and Danny’s gift.

Perhaps it was due to time constraints that the movie couldn’t handle the story of Danny’s gift and the evil of the hotel at the same time but the hotel was a much more interesting plot to focus on. The movie also killed people who weren’t killed in the book for fun, I guess.

Jack, Wendy, and Danny were true to their book and again, the movie was a well made, entertaining thriller. However, it was bad at interpreting one of the major plot points of the novel, that comparing it to the book, I’m not a fan of it.


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