Like Water for Chocolate Vs. Like Water for Chocolate



If you didn’t know already, I love Like Water for Chocolate. This book made me emote so strongly and gave me a lifelong hatred for all fictional characters named Pedro. The movie is barely 20 years old and at some point, as a child, I caught bits and pieces of it before years later watching it in full. The reason I ended up picking up the book was that I cried so angrily at the end of the movie, that I had to see if the book was just as good.

Thankfully, Like Water for Chocolate, the book and movie are near identical. Which means the movie was pretty damn amazing. In fact, I think the only thing that the book didn’t have that the movie did was Tita’s great niece telling the audience her tale. But I felt like that enhanced the story.

The magical feeling you get from the writing in the book is mirrored very well in the movie. Tita is brought to life with her cooking and loyalty to her family and Pedro (even though he deserved to die in a fire). Pedro was the boyish, lovestruck douchebag that he was in the book and Tita’s mother was about 5 times more terrifying.

I’ll be honest, the movie made me more emotional than the book, which is crazy because I was extremely emotional while reading the book. Watching Tita suffer in the flesh for 20 years for Pedro’s sorry ass was awful. To see her come so close to being happy with John and throw it all away for Pedro made me so mad.

Regardless of my emotions, I would recommend this movie, if the book wasn’t your cup of tea. It was Tita’s heartbreaking story encapsulated perfectly for the screen. The music and cinematography were great.


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