The Summer Bride

27269187Author: Anne Gracie
Genre: Fiction/Romance
“Fiercely independent Daisy Chance has a dream—and it doesn’t involve marriage or babies (or being under any man’s thumb). Raised in poverty, she has a passion—and a talent—for making beautiful clothes. Daisy aims to become the finest dressmaker in London.
Dashing Irishman Patrick Flynn is wealthy and ambitious, and has entered society to find an aristocratic bride. Instead, he finds himself growing increasingly attracted to the headstrong, clever and outspoken Daisy. She’s wrong in every way—except the way she sets his heart racing.
However, when Flynn proposes marriage, Daisy refuses. She won’t give up her hard-won independence. Besides, she doesn’t want to join the fine ladies of society—she wants to dress them. She might, however, consider becoming Flynn’s secret mistress. . .
But Flynn wants a wife, not a mistress, and when Flynn sets his heart on something, nothing can stand in his way. . .”

Bloody blooming hell, reading about this gel and her bullshit did not come up a treat. I hated this book. I hated everything about it and everything it stood for. There was just so much wrong with this book.

I don’t like to judge books by their covers or genres. I feel like that’s a great way to miss out on some literary gems. But, The Summer Bride has all the bad parts of period romances rolled into an annoying little package.

The writing got on my nerves the entire book. I’m sure I’ve read books with dialectic dialogue before but I could not stand it in this book. The way that the characters had specific words and phrases that they kept repeating annoyed the crap out of me as well. I probably read the word “Gel” about 6,000 times. It made me want to stick red hot pokers in my eyes.

Daisy followed the path of every outdated period romance heroine has taken since the dawn of time. Working towards your dream until you get married and then forget that, you have a baby!!! It was such a bad and frankly uncharacteristic choice for Daisy to make. As clever as she was she couldn’t find a way to have both Flynn and her dress shop? It would’ve been a much better ending to have Daisy lording over her dress shop, a baby at her breast and Flynn supporting her 100%. In no way does that diminish the romance they created.

I also hated Lady Bea. She gave shit advice. Flynn was a typical love interest. Dashing, handsome, a rouge, yadda, yadda, yadda. He wasn’t anything special. However, he did suggest that Daisy keep her shop and be his wife but Daisy still turned that down for what? I’m just still super annoyed by the ending of the book.

The one good thing I can say about this book was that you could jump right in and follow the story without reading the other 3 books that came before it. That was nice, I guess.

Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend this book. I didn’t find it romantic, I found it annoying as it could possibly be. Very industry standard period romance. Blegh.


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