Goodreads Challenge 2017!

There are only a couple hours left before 2018 gets here in NYC, which means there are only a few hours left to top off your Goodreads Challenge! My goal for 2017 was 25 books, 5 more than I read in 2016. Thanks to my blog I ended up reading 34! It seems like a lot but technically, I was supposed to post a review once a week for the whole year, so I’m a little off. Here are all the books I’ve read this year. I’m happy to say I enjoyed most of them.  Continue reading


Goodreads Challenge Check In!

We’re halfway through the year already, can you believe it? Which there are only 6 months left to tackle what’s left of your Goodreads challenges. I challenged myself to read 25 books this year and I’ve read 11 so far so I’m right on schedule! How are you doing with your Goodreads challenge?